The "Hit Singles" Chart is basically a guideline for you.
Please email us at and we will be more than happy to get in touch with you to address just what you are looking for in a web site.

  $50.00 per hour ($10 minimum) for the following:
  • Composing (typing) text for pages
  • Searching the internet for information or graphics
  • Customizing Java Applets
    (i.e. scrolling text, fading text, rippling image)
  • Updating web pages (i.e. biography info, monthly calendar, photo gallery pictures)
  • Editing Audio or Video
  • Creating graphics (including backgrounds)
  • Editing graphics or photos
  • Creating javascript effects, including graphics (i.e. buttons for rollovers)
  • Creating forms (i.e. feedback or mailing lists)
  • Creating custom tables or image maps
Registering your URL (internet address) for 2 yrs. $30.00
Web site hosting
see hosting plans